BVG has grown to become a worldwide producer of highly innovative and automated chemical handling systems that serves several industries with a focus for the paper-manufacturing and paper-converting industry. The BVG team can source from an experience of more than 40 years with starch processing in several industries, such as the paper manufacturing and converting industry, the food and beverage Industry as well as others. As BVG official distributor in Finland, Haarla Oy provides its customers with a range of BVG Solutions both on pulp & paper and food side. Together, we strive to support production processes and superior end-product quality.

Haarla Oy distributes following BVG Solutions:

Starch Cookers & cationizing

Color preparation plants

Complete coating color kitchens

Slurry preparation & dosing units

Filtration system

Magnetic separators

ASA preparation units

Make down systems for Alumn and retention aids

Dosing kitchens

Interested in knowing more about BVG Solutions? We will help you to make good choices that meet your production needs.

Contact Haarla Experts:

Markku Rislakki

Markku Rislakki

Tampere, Finland

Systems Controller

+358 3 3399 1314

Haarla personnel

Jarkko Haarla Jr.

Tampere, Finland

Haarla Engineering

+358 40 544 3235

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