Ametek Mocon (Dansensor)

AMETEK MOCON is the leader of gas measurement, sensors, and analyzers as well as testing services for barrier film, packaging, and industrial applications. Their Dansensor Package Testing Products are used for quality assurance and quality control of packages that are protected with a controlled gas composition. Haarla Oy is the official distributor of Ametek Mocon in Finland. Together, we strive to support production processes and superior end-product quality.

For your industrial applications we provide following Dansensor instruments meeting your production requirements:

Headspace MAP Gas Analyzers

Modified Atmosphere Package Gas Equipment for accurate headspace analysis.•

Headspace analysis is conducted to ensure that the residual oxygen in a product complies with predefined limits. This is a vital part of the Quality Control of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) products. For packaged foods and other goods, exceeding these limits increases the risk of growth and proliferation of bacteria or mould, which causes spoilage and results in shorter product shelf-life.

The Dansensor line of headspace gas analyzers has a wide range of applications, including:

  • Accurate residual O2 headspace gas analysis
  • O2 headspace gas analysis in the presence of high CO2
  • MAP audit applications
  • MAP Quality Control

These robust and portable headspace analyzers play an important part in the Quality Control processes for MAP products in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, since they detect instances where packaging requirements are compromised.

On-line MAP Gas Analyzers

MAP Package gas analyzers for quality assurance and gas flushing control

Our online MAP gas analyzers continuously extract and monitor packaging gas from the Modified Atmosphere Packaging line to ensure that the equipment and gas mixing system deliver a desirable protective atmosphere which meets the requirements for prolonged shelf-life products within the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

The Dansensor series of on-line gas analyzers are equipped with user-friendly touch-screen interfaces and offer excellent data-logging and traceability options, which make them suitable for:

  • MAP Quality Assurance
  • Control of gas flushing processes
  • Streamlining Modified Atmosphere Packaging processes

Compared to quality control, an on-line gas analyzer is a cost-effective solution which minimizes the use of excess packaging gas and reduces the need for time-consuming repackaging of products.

Gas Mixers

Get the right gas mixture and flow rate using our Gas Mixers for Modified Atmosphere Packages. We offer gas mixers for CO2, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Argon gases.

The right mixture of gases is vital to the freshness and appearance of MAP products. Therefore, working with Modified Atmosphere Packaging requires gas blending equipment with the capacity to deliver the right gas mixture at the appropriate flow rate. This is essential to avoid dilution and achieve complete flushing.

The Dansensor line of gas mixers allows for operators to:

• Achieve an appropriate flow rate
• Obtain the right mix of CO2, O2, N2, and Ar
• Control and automatically adjust gas pressure

Delivering Modified Atmosphere Packaging products with the correct gas mixture is key to prolonging the shelf-life of food, beverage and pharmaceuticals and in this process; the right gas blending system is indispensable.

Package Leak Detectors

Get efficient leak, seal, and burst testing of your packages for total package integrity.

Package leak detectors ensure that seal integrity problems are identified. This is a vital part of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) quality control, since compromising the protective atmosphere will cause a reduction in the shelf-life of MAP products.

Dansensor leak detectors increase the speed of production and minimize the risk of undetected package integrity problems that result in unwanted returns and damaged customer relationships. We provide both on-line and off-line package leak detectors.

Interested in knowing more about Dansensor Solutions? We will help you to make good choices that meet your production needs.

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