Foundry core

We offer a comprehensive spectrum of solutions for your casting and moulding processes.

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Supporting efficient production process and end product with required properties

From a supply of specialist chemicals and intermediates for the manufacture of foundry resins to provision of downstream chemistry and technology service for resin efficiency in foundry application such as plasticizers, flow agents, catalyst or ester hardeners, coupling agents and adhesion promoters we are here to assist you with the right products and industry solutions – the Good Choices.

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Doina Mucundorfean Haarla

Doina Mucundorfean

Tampere, Finland

Supply Chain Manager

+358 40 745 5958

Markus Perakyla

Markus Peräkylä

Tampere, Finland

COO, Enviro Team Lead

+358 40 723 5262

Dimitry Tolmachev

Dmitry Tolmachev

Tampere, Finland

Export and Logistics Manager, Eastern Europe

+358 40 195 3700

Peter Nokes Haarla

Peter Nokes

London, UK

Commercial Director

+44 780 260 4671

Dmitri Sumigin

Dmitri Šumigin

Tallinn, Estonia

Sales Manager

+358 45 122 3863