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End-to-end know how

Haarla Industrial Division offers a focused supply of chemistry for industrial applications. We provide you with the complete package of chemicals and services to support your goals – with the integrated understanding of both the supply chain and the end process.

Since its founding in 1962, Haarla has grown from a paper industry chemical supplier to a process industry specialist. Our expertise includes industrial binder production and their downstream applications in surfaces, insulation, molding and foundry. Haarla products and services also overlap with the mining, water treatment, coatings, detergents and horticulture businesses.

Industrial product portfolio

Product Categories

From the standard or commodity chemicals to more specialized intermediates as tailored blends, from additives to alternative package solutions – browse our list of product categories to fully utilize our portfolio of tried classics and fresh innovations.

It is critical that binders and additives have the right balance of saturation. With a target of the final bonding strength in the end application at the right time, there must be excellent wetting control, correct penetration and flow, separation or release as required from press, stacks or moulds, control of surface quality and conditions by reduced dusting and sticking.

Crossing over with the above category we offer a mixture of wetting and other chemistry to promote flow, softening, flexibility and postforming in surfaces.

A range of hardeners from commodity type pH adjusters to special latent catalysts mixes designed for variable pot life, curing control in downstream applications, improved internal bond strength and reduced emissions.

Selective colors and blends for various applications: identification marking in panels such as moisture resistance or flame retarding, homogenous shades for laminates and phenolic films, temperature resistance in masterbatch, increased opacity and reduced viscosity in colored sprays, flexos or powder coats.

High-performance defoamers and deaerators for a wide range of formulation applications from lubricants and metalworking products, coolants, care products, and food equipment sectors to paintings and coatings.

Defoamers prevent problems such as surface defects in paints and coatings by breaking down the air stabilised in the liquid by surfactants. Due to their non-ionic nature, many types of defoamers are highly compatible with various binder systems and other additive groups.

A wide range of solvents including commodity bulk and packed in IBCs or drums for adhesives and colors in application for construction and panel resins, flexible packaging and coatings. Our selection includes a wide range of glycols, ethyl acetate and acetone.

Bulk and packaged caustic soda and potassium hydroxide in all concentrations for use in production of paper, resins, water treatments and cleaning agents.

We are able to provide product knowledge and technical expertise on different types of industrial starches. We are here to help advise and support with the right product for your product and performance requirements.

We offer eco-friendly flame-retardant solutions for a sustainable and safe future. All wood-related and industrial applications are covered.

Supporting the technical requirement to bring affinity between binder and substrate or surface to improve bond strength, curing speeds, improve surface finish, clarity or gloss. Includes a wide range of silanes and other process chemicals.

We offer saturation papers used for impregnation with UF, MF, MUF and PF resins.

Adhesives and resins function as an interface / bonding agents to connect the surfaces and prevent them from separation. We offer various products for tissue, paper and wood related industries.

Putty is a high plasticity material used for small-scale construction or repair work as a sealant or filler. Its composition varies according to the work for which it has been designed and its intended use. Sealants, on the other hand, are viscous materials that change their state to solid once they have been applied. Our range of sealants and putties is aimed at different applications in the wood industry.

For preserving wood, there are a number of different chemical preservatives and processes (also known as “timber treatment”, “lumber treatment” or “pressure treatment”) that can extend the life of wood, timber, and their associated products, including engineered wood. These generally increase the durability and resistance from being destroyed by insects or fungi. In our portfolio, we have different wood preservatives and biocides.

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Industrial Key Suppliers

“Finland is to be considered as an island and therefore when the unloading staff at harbors go on strike everything stops. Therefore we arranged for one critical raw material to be driven by two-three drivers day in and out through Sweden and over to Finland via Lapland to get the load to its final destination before plant stops. With a slight 3000 km round trip.”