Cavitron is a developer and manufacturer of machinery for intensive mixing applications of liquid and disperse products in process technology. Based on rotor- and stator technology, rugged in-line dispersing, Cavitron machines are mainly used in the chemical, petrochemical, paper, and food industries. In Cavitron machines, following industrial processes are carried out: dispersing, extraction, homogenizing, continuous chemical reactions, emulsification, and mixing. Furthermore, Cavitron designs and manufactures starch processing units for the paper industry and corrugated cardboard production. Haarla Oy is the official distributor of Cavitron machinery in Finland. Together, we strive to support production processes and superior end-product quality.

Haarla supplies following Cavitron’s machinery & solutions for the corrugated cardboard industry.


Cavitron sprocket dispersing machines are used in the chemical industry, petrochemical, food industry, and paint industry. Paint production used for the processing of liquid dispersions and solid dispersions. In the chemical industry, the machines are used successfully as continuous reactors due to the extremely increased mass transfer. This is based on an enormous increase in the phase interface, the highly turbulent shear field, and the high specific energy input in the machines.

The outstanding mixing principle of Cavitron machines is based on the rotor/stator system of the mixing tools. The rotor/tator system generates due to the high circumferential speeds and the interaction of coaxial rotors and stators, extremely high shear gradients and high-frequency pressure changes in the product. These lead to the outstanding dispersing and emulsifying performance of Cavitron machines. Intensive nozzle tools with 0.5mm diameter and chamber tools with 0.3mm slit widths are unsurpassed and produce the finest emulsions and suspensions. Dispersing machines are produced in different dimensions. There are three different types of mixing tools for different applications:

  • Cavitron nozzle system: Inline centrifugal reactor with the smallest radial bores for the finest dispersions by means of the highest shear rate.
  • Cavitron chamber system: Inline mixer with high dispersion rate and intensive mixing effect.
  • Cavitron cone system: Wet mill for disintegration and dissolution processes

As a result, both laboratory applications and machines for industrial production are covered. The throughput capacity ranges from 0.005 m³ / h up to 200 m³ / h.

CAVITRON® – technical data

Throughput     0,2 – 200 m³/h

Drive Power     3 – 230 kW

Head     up to 100 m

Circumferential speed     up to 55 m/s

Residence time     0,01 bis 0,15 s

Process pressure     16 bar

Temperature     200 °C


Bitumen, chemical, color, adhesives, food, paper, polymer, starch, insulation, civil engineering, packaging, refineries, petrochemistry industries.

Cavitherm Starch Cookers:

In CAVITHERM plants cationic starches for the wet-end in the production of paper and board is processed, as well as enzymatic or thermochemical starch degradation is performed for surface sizing. Cavitron offers complete solutions ranging from starch storage to silos or big bags, the cooking process (thermochemical or enzymatic) up to the feed of starch glue for the size press. Accurate gravimetric component dosing, precise temperature control, the patented Jet Heater and proven process technology ensure compliance and consistency of the desired process parameters. CAVITHERM systems cover a power consumption of 100 to 5,000 kg/h (bone dry) and are designed, constructed, and manufactured according to the requirements of our customers to ensure optimal performance of the system.


Paper, corrugating, food, foundry additives, glass fiber, briquette production, film production, plasterboard production, adhesive industries.

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