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Food is a matter of senses. The perfect look, the tempting aroma, the rich mouthfeel and finally the rewarding taste. To win over all the senses, you need quality ingredients. At Haarla, we provide you with a comprehensive selection of quality ingredients and additives – from aromas to acidity regulators, from nuts to oils and flour blends. We are a global process industry solution provider combining expert service with a wide, trusted network of suppliers and logistics partners.

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Finding the best solution for you

Haarla food experts supply the best quality ingredients, source information globally and provide formulation help for choosing the optimal solutions for your specific needs. Our extensive portfolio of food ingredients also covers for example organic, gluten-free, additive-free and sugar-free products. At Haarla we are truly committed to improving food development processes and understanding of customers’ needs deeply. This enables us to provide you with the best raw materials and technologies – the Good Choices.

Food and Health & Wellbeing product portfolio

Product Categories

From single ingredients and additives to tailored mixes, blends and package solutions. Haarla is your ideal partner for providing ingredients, additives and other materials for various segments of food industry. Below, you can browse our list of food products. To fully utilize our portfolio of tried classics and new innovations, we are glad to provide you with expert help.

From different citrates and phosphates to preservatives, our complete range of acidity regulators will help you to enhance flavors, uplift colors and preserve your products so that they reach customers in premium condition. We also offer traditional acids such as citric acid and lactic acid both in dry crystallin and in liquid form.

The unique tastes and rich flavors make your food product stand out. Haarla product portfolio includes a wide range of basic flavors, natural flavors as well as boosting and masking solutions. To get that perfect flavor to your cereals, ice cream products, dairy products, beverages, confectionery and health products among many others, we offer customized support to help your reach your target.

With our blends of multiple single ingredients, you can make quality, stock and production management more streamlined and significantly reduce the possibility for human errors in production. We offer a massive variety of blends for different application areas such as dairy and non-dairy products and bakery products to name a few. Haarla has many specialized partners who focus on producing blends for these product categories. As an example, we can offer tailored compounds for vegan protein puddings, dairy puddings, and beverages where Haarla delivers all the dry materials in one single bag and you only add your own oat milk or milk. We also deliver vitamins in premixes, where all the vitamins in accurate quantities are in the same bag. For meat and plant-based products we have a variety of spice blends and functional blends, and for bakeries we have pastry mixes, fillings, glazes and toppings. 

Haarla provides caramel ingredients for applications such as desserts, ice creams, chocolates, confectionary, bakery products, dairy products and snack products. Caramel fillings can be used as coatings, for injecting or extrusion, before or after baking. The high quality and tastiness of the caramel products we provide is based on expertise in rheology, bake stability, naturalness and raw material origin.

Haarla provides the full spectrum of safe and stable coloring solutions for the entire food industry. We offer both natural and synthetic colors in powder and liquid formats to create those vibrant or subtle coloring effects that you are after. Colors are delivered in highly concentrated form with a range of solubilities. We also have a range of preservative-free colors.

Our product portfolio includes a range of fibers to improve texture, moisture and liquid-binding properties especially in bakery and meat/plant-based products. Psyllium is an especially popular fiber product in gluten-free baking. Typically, psyllium is used together with some other hydrocolloids to create the dough. Potato fibers are really good neutral-tasting water binders which is why they are used widely in many kind of bakery and meat products. In addition to psyllium and potato fibers we also deliver pea, oat and other fibers.

Food starches act as thickening agents and binders in a wide variety of food products. Often, they are also used for improving mouthfeel, changing emulgating properties and for increased elasticity. In foods such as ice cream and whipped cream they are great stabilizers preventing the formation of ice crystals and keeping the food smooth and creamy. Haarla offers potato, pea, maize and tapioca based native and modified starches.  

Haarla delivers a complete range high quality natural dehydrated ingredients sourced from fruits, vegetables, herbs and berries. Technologically advanced drying techniques preserve the freshness, color, flavor, and nutritional value of the dehydrated ingredients. Thanks to the minimal processing, clients get an authentic range that enhances the flavor, texture, color, and nutritional value of ready-to-eat foods.

Nuts and seeds are good sources of protein, healthy fats, fibers, vitamins, and minerals. Nuts and seeds regulate body weight as their fats are not fully absorbed, they regulate food intake, and help burn energy. Haarla’s portfolio of nuts and seeds includes chia seeds, flax seeds, sesame, pumpkin psyllium and sesame seeds, to name a few. We help to create diverse, organic food with our nuts and seeds, from certified sources.  

Oils and fats are commonly used in the food industry as ingredients in a wide variety of products, such as baked goods, snacks, and fried foods as a source of flavor and texture. Haarla offers rapeseed oil as well as other vegetable oils and even tailored oil blends. Haarla represents Bunge (the only margarine factory in Finland) in Finland and Sweden.

Vinegars are commonly used in the food industry as a condiment, ingredient, and preservative. They add flavor, acidity and help to preserve food. Vinegar can also be used as a food preservative by pickling vegetables and fruits, as the acidity of vinegar prevents the growth of bacteria. Some vinegars are also used in meat preservation, like the smoked ham, bacon and other types of meat. Haarla offers Vinegars from Kühne, the German expert in vinegars since 1722.

Preservatives are components that are used to get more shelf life to the products. Some of the preservatives are used against of mold and some to prevent spoilage & pathogenic micro-organisms growing in the food as well as prevent undesirable chemical changes in the products. Haarla’s range of food preservatives includes potassium sorbate, sorbic acid, sodium benzoate, nisin, and different kind of sulphates, among others.

Haarla delivers dairy proteins, plant proteins and meat proteins. Our dairy proteins include milk protein concentrates and isolates (MPC, MPI) and whey proteins (WPC, WPI) which are used for protein drinks, puddings and instant protein powder products. Our plant proteins include pea, soy, sunflower and rice proteins. Plant proteins are used in vegan meat analogues, vegan protein bars and non-dairy sector’s products. Meat proteins are typically collagen, greaves or plasma based and mainly used in meat products like sausages to improve the sensory and binding properties.

A processing aid is a substance that assists in certain technical aspects of food production in the manufacturing process. Specific examples of processing aids include antimicrobial agents used in meat processing, filter aids to process oils and beverages, and enzymes to enhance bread dough functionality. For example, we have processing aids that release agents which are essential to prevent your bakery and biscuit products from sticking to the surfaces during the baking, cooling or storing phases. Haarla also offers tableting aids, anti-agglomeration aids for baking, nutraceutical and pharma industries, beverage industries, and confectionary industries.

Hydrocolloids can be applied to many food applications and categories. They are widely used in processed meat, frozen desserts, various dairy products, beverages, fruit preserves, confectionery and many other products to provide thickening, gelling, stabilization and coating. Hydrocolloids such as guar gum, xanthan, locust bean gum, agar are a part of Haarla’s portfolio.

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“Once I got a call on Friday 17:30 that a juice factory is not going to run through weekend if they don’t get crucial commodity citric acid. I called our warehouse owner, who was on his way to summer cottage for assist. He understands the urgency, turns back, drives 100 km to stock, takes the pallet, loads the truck and drives to customer. Then enjoys his well-deserved weekend.”