Emfibre® product range – High quality Potato and Pea fibre products.

5th of September, 2019, Haarla News, Food, Plant Based

Emfibre® products significantly increase the Water Binding Capacity to improve the texture of meat- and meat alternative products.  Plant fibres make an important contribution to the increasing demand for ever healthier foods, by increasing the fibre content or effectively reducing energy density and, for example, supporting the development of fat- or salt-reduced meat products.

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Source: Emsland Group

Emfibre® KF 200 and 500 are both potato fibre products with similar functionality and very strong water binding capacity (up to 1:18). However, they have significantly different particle size and so are suited to different applications. Emfibre® KF 500 is best used in minced meat and kebab products.  Emfibre® KF 200 has a smaller particle size and is recommended for use in dry mixtures or blends. Emfibre® KF 200 is also ideal for use in spreadable and emulsified products.   

Emfibre® EF 200 and EF 60 are both pea fibres that can be used as an alternative to the potato-based products.   While Emfibre® EF 200 can be used similar way to its potato versions, Emfibre® EF 60 has been developed specifically for meat injection.  EF 60 has a small particle size and can be used to add high fibre levels to minced, reconstituted or emulsified meats while retaining texture and appearance, which is essential for consumer enjoyment of the final product.  For more detailed information on the potential uses for Emsland Potato and Pea fibres in your production line, contact Haarla expert Mikko Kymäläinen. 

“Plant fibres make an important contribution to the increasing demand for plant-based food market.”

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